012017-355 Mari Haneda 甘酢っぱい部活動の思い出

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Title Video :012017-355 Mari Haneda 甘酢っぱい部活動の思い出

Cast:Mari Haneda

Total time:62min



Release Date:2017-01-20



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学校を卒業して20年ほど経つが、サッカー部時代に片思いだった女子マネージャー・羽田真里ちゃんの事が忘れられず今でもサッカーを続けている。 これはそのマネージャーに恋心を寄せていた20年前のお話。 部活で腕を怪我した僕は何もできないうえに両親は旅行で戻ってくるのが数日後。 そんな困っている僕に気がついた真里ちゃんは僕の家で肉じゃがを作ってくれることに。 僕は緊張気味に真里ちゃんの手料理を待っていると、小悪魔のようにニヤニヤした表情で真里ちゃんが突然スカートを捲り上げて「触ってもいいよぉ・・」って夢みたいな事を言ってきた~~! うお~~、つってがむしゃらに吸った甘い甘いあの頃の思い出。


About twenty years have passed since I graduated from school, but I still can not forget about Masato Haneda, a girls manager who was unrequited love during the football club. This is a story twenty years ago when I was fascinated by the manager. I got injured in club activities I could not do anything and my parents came back on a trip after a few days. Mari, who has noticed that trouble, makes meat and squash in my house. When I was waiting for Mari ‘s hand – chef with a feeling of tension, Masato suddenly flipped up the skirt with a facial expression like a little devil, and she suddenly flipped up the skirt and “I can touch you” is like a dream I have to say ~ ~! Oooh ~ ~, memories that were sweet and sweet that I smoked to snugly.

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012017-355 Mari Haneda 甘酢っぱい部活動の思い出
012017-355 Mari Haneda 甘酢っぱい部活動の思い出

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